About and purpose

About Strasbourg

– Strasbourg is host to several Art and Design schools:
H.E.A.R, Haute École des Arts du Rhin,
E.N.S.A.S, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg,
The University with degrees in Fine arts, Applied and visual arts, Design and Multimedia,
L.I.S.A.A, L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués,
MJM Graphics & design,
Lycée Le Corbusier…and many talents from various European nations;
– Strasbourg is a link between European capitals;
– Host to European institutions;
– Strasbourg is a pleasant place to live surrounded with beautiful architecture and historical monuments, also listed as a Unesco world heritage site;
– In Strasbourg, people take time to enjoy nature through its parks, green areas, rivers, canals;
– Strasbourg wants to show that Europe is part of everyday life; as the C.E.A.A.C, Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines,
– Strasbourg needs events on a European scale;
– Europe needs to see that Strasbourg is a booming city, proud of its riches and looking towards the future.

The design project and purpose
– Associate modern design and Europe with the creativity, energy and quality of life in Strasbourg;
– Create a synergy effect between the 28 members of the European Union ;
– Promote young European artistic designers;
– Enhance the city’s beauty;
– Attract new visitors to Strasbourg, and change their view on the city for those who already know it.

The project
Have young European designers create unique benches;
Organize a contest open to all 28 members of the E.U. The contest has specific requirements. A renown designer will take part in the jury;
The designer, the contractor and the various departments from the city of Strasbourg will work in close collaboration to ensure the design project can be integrated in the urban landscape.

The budget
5,000 € (taxes included) per bench selected will be attributed to the designer for the making and transportation of his/her work.
This amount includes the design, manufacturing and transportation costs of the bench, taxes and insurance fees if any. It also includes the cost of materials used and the designer’s retribution.
The bench should come with instructions on its positioning and ready to be installed.
However, this sum does not cover the installation by the designer. Installation will be done by the city of Strasbourg with the Association SPE (project management team).

City of Strasbourg,
Région Alsace,
Patrons (companies, associations)
A plate mentioning « Bench donated by… »

The communication
Through CEAAC : Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines,
HEAR: Ecole des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg,
Internet: dedicated websites such as archidesign club…

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