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STRASBOURG is a very European and dynamic city, proud of its riches and looking towards the future. The association Strasbourg pour l’Europe with the city of Strasbourg and the Centre Européen d’Action Artistique Contemporain (CEAAC) are inviting young European designers to participate in a design contest. The theme is: « les bancs européens », Die Europaïschen Bänke / European benches.

Each designer is invited to present a preliminary project by March 28th 2017.
The jury will meet to check the respect for the specifications.
Request of modification if need.
Selection by the jury and answer within 10 days following the sending.
Inauguration and realization of the bench for the end of May.

Background and objectives
Strasbourg is host to several art schools (including the lycée Le Corbusiert) and to many talents from all over Europe. It serves as a link between European capitals and the headquarters of European Institutions. The city is a pleasant place to live with beautiful architecture and historical monuments listed as UNESCO world heritage site. People take time to enjoy its parks, green areas, rivers, canals…
The city wants to sponsor events with a European dimension to show that Europe is part of everyday life.
Europe needs to see that Strasbourg is a booming city, proud of its riches and looking towards the future.The purpose of the contest is to associate modern design and Europe with the creativity, energy and quality of life in Strasbourg. Another purpose is to create a synergy effect among the 28 countries of the European Union by promoting some of its young artistic designers.

The 28 design pieces will be installed outdoor close to the European Institutions (on river banks, facing a park, a green area, in front of the Parliament, etc. ). Each piece will show some aspects of modern creation from the designer’s country of origin while bringing elegance, comfort and rich materials to blend into the city’senvironment.

« European benches » is organized by Strasbourg pour l’Europe, a non political association created in 1986 whose purpose is to launch actions to promote Strasbourg, with the city of Strasbourg and the CEAAC (Centre Européen d’Action Artistique Contemporaine). The design contest is also sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture – DRAC Alsace, the Région Alsace, the Département du Bas-Rhin and by the European Union.

Application requirements
A description of the designer’s artistic approach
A letter of motivation
A resume written/translated into French
A description of the artistic project with as many details as possible including materials used, size, transportation, time needed for assembly, cost…).
A colored drawing (using CAD or watercolor) showing the bench
A book with all previous works (press articles, publications, catalogues, texts or reproductions (original prints, photos, drawings, plans, etc.), videos or audio excerpts (DVD, VHS, CD or audio cassette : max 3-6 minutes), website addresses).

In order to keep a high artistic level and adequacy between the designers’ projects, their propositions and the location of the benches, the jury will proceed in two steps before the final selection.
Step 1: pre-selection by the technical committee
Step 2: selection by the project management committee

Selection criteria
– The consistency of the design project (it should take into account the technical and material aspects required).
– The design project must be consistent with the theme of « European benches ».
Committee decisions are final. Selected candidates will be notified within a few days after the project management committee’s decision.
Agreement with the designer : The following agreement between the European designer and the association Strasbourg pour l’Europe will be settled.
Any design work made for « Strasbourg pour l’Europe, les bancs européens » remains the artist’s property.
A set amount of 5,000 € (five thousand euros) will be attributed to each designer by the association Strasbourg pour l’Europe and the city of Strasbourg, the sponsor. This amount covers expenses linked to the conception, production and transportation of the bench, various taxes and insurance fees, the designer’s retribution, travel, restaurant, hotel and other miscellaneous fees.

Partners or sponsors from the designer’s country of origin can also participate in the project.
The designer will be invited to present his work to the public on several occasions.
The designer gives permission to the organizing committee to use his name for any of the event’s promotional purposes and hence renounces any rights or compensation fees. The designer agrees to mention European benches (which includes the association and local partners) when promoting his work.

Call for entry extra option
Cultural animation and promotion of European design
To raise public awareness to European design, various educational activities (in particular with children and teenagers) as well as specific encounters will be held before and during the event and next to the design objects. Those designers who wish to participate in educational activities and/or encounters can send their propositions.
Your application should include:
A description of the proposed activity/activities
Targeted audience/audiences and duration of activity
Any previous experience

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