The document is downloaded on : Norme Française NF P 99-610

Bench Design resquirements
Each designer will have to work in close collaboration with the project management team to
Validate all technical specifications linked to the location and installation of the benches.

Artistic and technical requirements

The benches will need to meet the NF P 99-610 French standards Norme Française NF P 99-610

Length: maximum suggested length 200 cm,
Seat depth: 64,5cm
Seat height: 40,5cm

Mainly wood, but other materials used in complement are allowed.
Keep in mind that some materials are less durable and require more maintenance.
All materials should meet the current French standards of
– Durability,
– easy cleaning and maintenance,
– meet environmental requirements

Types of wood : European species with autoclave treatment, if coating is used: acrylic coating
Concrete : Should not disaggregate and be frost resistant,
Metal : Protection against corrosion required
Natural stones : Should be non-abrasive and frost resistant,

The seating surface should not allow any possible risk of injury
(No sharp edges, rough surfaces, pinching, etc.)

The following parts of the bench should be dismountable and replaceable:
The seating part, the back of the bench and the arm rests (if any).
The benches will either be attached or anchored to the ground so they cannot be moved.

The benches need to be weatherproof

Robustness (See chap. 7.1 NF P 99-610 standard)
Stability (See chap. 7.2 NF P 99-610 standard)

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