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The association Strasbourg Pour l’Europe (SPE) wants to promote and give more life to European institutions through events launched towards a larger public from Strasbourg, France, Europe… SPE is a nonpolitical organization created in 1986 by leaders in the city of Strasbourg. Successive former presidents were Pierre Polak, Francis Hirn, Christophe Kieffer and Valérie Blum, since 2012.
SPE is a think-tank whose goal is to promote Strasbourg as a European capital. Its members count many city officials, people from the business world, industrial world, social, political, touristic worlds, etc. SPE members meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas on Strasbourg’s European dimension. Projects/events such as “Strasbourg Capitale de Noël », the place of Europe, « Food culture », etc., were initiated during those meetings.
SPE’s goal is to launch visible and lasting actions to promote Strasbourg among European citizens so that they take part in a European future.

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